Read Stories of How People Are Living into the Movement

Giving Blood to Save Lives


Thank you James DeLano for inspiring Mountaintop Church to conduct quarterly blood drives. Take a minute to read about his story. 

My name is James. I am 12 years old, and I live in Hoover, and I am a member of Mountaintop Church. I live with a MITOCHONDRIAL DISORDER (mito), a genetic, progressive disease that impairs the function of my mitochondria, the powerhouses of the cells in the body. I became dependent on blood transfusions in early 2016 due to what was suspected as bone marrow failure from mito. In August 2016, I was diagnosed with HEMOPHAGOCYTIC LYMPHOHISTIOCYTOSIS (HLH Disease), a very rate life threating disease of the bone marrow that caused my liver, bone marrow, and respiratory systems to fail just 2 days after being diagnosed. My prognosis was grim, and I received many more units of blood products to save my life. Without donors like you, I would not be alive today. I know that even facing death, God was with me, and I live with hope in Him.

Pursuing Racial Reconciliation


These two moms,  Michelle Torbor and Kim Robichaud are working together to restore relationships. They have developed and facilitate workshops focused on helping people explore the topic of racial division and the hope of racial reconciliation within our workplaces, churches and communities.

Pursue Grace workshops are inspired by the call throughout the book of Acts to spread the gospel to "to the ends of the earth"(Acts 1:8)  As Christianity was introduced, new Christians found themselves fightening against differences that threatened to disqualify non-Jews of the salvation that Jesus had promised. It turns out that ethnic, racial or cultural differences are no match for the grace of God that is available "for all who are far off - for all whom the Lord our God will call."  (Acts 2:39)

Learn more about Pursue Grace go to:

Bringing Joy to Hospitals


It is always hard to be in the hospital - but it can be especially lonely at Christmas. We wanted to do something for people who could not go home for the holiday. We decided to make goodie bags full of candy and toys. Each bag include an encouraging note. We delivered goodie bags to people who were in the hospital. Our goal was to spread love during the holidays. We wanted everyone to know that there was someone who was FOR them. We especially wanted to let people know that God was FOR them.


Hudson & Lee

Loving kids in Foster Care



Last month we helped Foster Families through the Forgotten Initiative, we recently had the opportunity to provide children with gifts. 

Heath & Robin

Neighbors helping Neighbors


My family is helping our neighbors who need a little extra help. We went grocery shopping and filled two carts for Oak Mountain Missions. I really liked helping my mom. 

Reaching out to Families


So many people helped my family when my brother was sick so I wanted to do something for other families. I helped collect household donations for Ronald McDonald house.


More stories of people making a difference

Paying it Backwards

I am FORBHM because I love surprising people by paying for their meals in the drive thru. I like to call it paying it backwards.  

Intentional Relationships

I have begun building relationships with "people who are not like me" I want to understand other people's points of view, I want to learn to listen better. I am also serving at an area non-profit.


Free Health Services

I am for FORBHM by providing free health services, as a student pharmacist I have the opportunity to help people who can not otherwise afford healthcare services. I consider it a priviledge to help people. 


Football Moms Connecting


Last Sunday I felt prompted to pray for my son's football team. I contacted a few other moms to see if they wanted to join me. In one week that group has grown to over 25 moms joining together to pray. I can not begin to describe the blessing Ihave received. I have known some of these women for more than 10 years. Our relationships have never gone this deep. This week we have prayed together on conferences calls and in person before the game. We are praying for strength, unity, safety and attitudes. More important we have prayed for salvation and their relationships with Christ. And that they would be victorious in things way more important than football. We come from different backgrounds, different races and different denominations but we are one in Him. 

Children Gaining Confidence


I am volunteering at Special Equestrians. I love working with the kids and helping them have fun with the horses.

It is amazing to watch children come alive as they learn to ride a horse. The experience instills confidence in the kids and brings us all great joy. It is fun to watch their eyes light up and listen to their laughter as they learn.


Moms helping Moms


I have the privilege of serving a group of entrepreneurial moms who are all working to make a difference in their families and in our city. Each has a passion and a calling, from diaper collection though Bundles of Hope to Momma Love who helps women that struggle with postpartum issues, each business provides products or services that help women live better lives. 

The movement continues to grow

Dads Teaching Leadership


I think our future is dependent on the character of today’s children. My life has been shaped by the things I learned in scouting as a young boy. I want the next generation to learn the same principals of scouting I learned  about being trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent. Investing in kids can be fun too, I love the outdoors, and it is a blast to go camping, canoeing and hiking.  This is how I am FOR Birmingham.


Helping Entrepreneur Market their Business


We moved from Houston to Birmingham a few years ago. Our family loves Mexican food, so we were ecstatic when we discovered Taqueria Juarea which we fondly refer to as the taco truck. For a long time, their menu was handwritten on a poster board, because they are new entrepreneurs on a tight budget. My husband loves tacos and he is very creative. I am proud to tell you he spent time designing a new menu board and asked a friend who owns a print shop to help out by printing it on a durable material. We love living in Birmingham and we are FOR the people of our city.